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Its not always practical to celebrate special occasions on official days.  Sometimes, it just doesn’t make sense to do so.  This is usually true for my son and more precisely his birthday.  Next week, during school half term and on Valentines day, he will be 10!  His birthday is obviously WAY more important than celebrating Valentines day, so we’re going to postpone that one until another time.  But we’re also going to throw him a party nearly a week in advance. With all his school chums being on half term break and living all over the place, we’ve (my son and I) have decided that after school on the last day before half term makes more sense.  Deep breaths…. I can do pragmatic…. its not lessening the celebration in anyway… and its making it easier for everyone to be there.

This year is a particularly special birthday for him, as he’s turning 10.  I know all birthdays are special, but 10 sounds so grown up to a 9 year old!  I think Ive come up with an idea for his birthday that he might like. I’m going to do a mini ‘This is your life’ with pictures and stories from the last 10 years…. nothing embarrassing, don’t want to upset him, just nice stories of things he has achieved, been able to do for himself and funny moments.

Previously, he’s only been able to invite as many children as can comfortably sit around our dining table, a total of 6 friends.  Also, our house size has never really helped that situation.  This year he’s going into the woods to celebrate his birthday, with wide open spaces and lots of outdoor picnic benches there’s loads of room for everyone.  Our birthday rituals are pretty similar to everyone else’s. Special breakfast, a gift, a gathering of friends, a toast and ……. we’ve been a bit more transient than I possibly would have liked and have moved several times over the years, so the children go to their Grandfathers house to be measured and marked on the airing cupboard door just like his Dad and Uncles did.

Its not just my sons special day though, a parent cant help but remember and play through the day their child was born, and this is my ritual. The ritual of remembering, going through the photos, telling of the stories.  They are the rituals that we share.

I have come across some beautiful birthday rituals, nothing extreme….lol….I don’t do extreme:

Natural Birthday Traditions from LuSa Organics
First Birthday Rituals
Birthday Ritual from mom filter
Wishing flags from etsy


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